Indabushe Lodge

Indabusche Lodge consists of the “hotel-type” rooms with standard rooms and luxury suites available.

All rooms are Dinner, Bed and Breakfast.

In the shade of century-old oaks, you’ll find Indabushe Lodge, a delightful example of spacious farm architecture. Built of huge sandstone blocks, Indabushe was originally the cow shed and stable of Penwarn Farm.

Here you can enjoy traditional country hospitality in rural seclusion. Meals are served in the cosy dining room with a roaring fire and true colonial style food.

Our guests will marvel at the fertile valley of Penwarn with its uninterrupted views of the Drakensberg Mountains. Furnished individually, the seven suites each have a charm of their own. Experience the breathtaking beauty of Penwarn on invigorating hikes in the foothills or take a leisurely picnic on the lawns overlooking the lake.

Mthini Lodge

Mtini Lodge has 4 large luxury suites and is available on a Dinner, Bed and Breakfast or self-catering option.

Mthini Lodge is an intensely private affair. With a maximum of only eight guests, personal attention is simply a matter of course. Here you can live in sumptuous colonial style with a view that will make you sing.

Mthini Lodge is perched on a hill overlooking a magnificent lake and the long barrier of indigo peaks – the Drakensberg. The four rooms, luxuriously appointed with en suite bathrooms, are uniquely decorated and each opens onto the wooden deck with its spectacular view.

Let the afternoon sunlight soak your body as you laze on the deck, be enchanted by the constant dance of light and water between sky and lake and let the mountain breezes and bird calls sing you to sleep. As the evening sun sets, gather around the crackling fire under wide star-studded skies and listen to the sounds of the African night.